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Radiant Solar of America

Affordable Energy independence
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Hard Work and Realistic Expectations.

Radiant Solar's approach is to communicate with our customers, give them realistic expectations and then provide a phenomenal product at an affordable price. We take the complicated part out of going solar and handle all of it for you. We take a hands-on customized approach to each customer we work with, and work hard to find the best solution for them.

Solar Is On The Rise.

Improved solar technology has created an extremely competitive alternative to traditional American utility companies. With the extension of the 30% government tax credit solar has become more affordable than ever, absorbing a large percentage of your installation cost right up front. 

We Are All About Green.

That starts with the green in your bank account. On average the cost of energy has risen 6.5% nationwide annually. By going solar the average homeowner can eliminate $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 of their utility bill over a 25 year period. You've worked hard to make it, now keep more of it.  


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Take the first step toward energy independence.

Take the first step toward affordable energy independence. 

Call Joe Garcia, Regional Manager for Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio at 513-767-6127. 

Call Timothy vonBecker, Regional Manager for Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas at 417-291-5425